The importance of body hydration

Hydrate is important, and that starts with drinking water. But there are also many foods that contain significant fought for our body. Further, hydrate most creams, whereby it does not matter whether you skin fat, is dry or normal. Moisturize they almost all do. We are made up largely of water, so hydration is vital. How do we optimally hydrate our body?

young teenager drinking water after exercise.

Why moisturize?

Hydration is, in fact, the addition of water to a particular substance. The body consists of 55% women and 60% among men from the water. The body thus has a continuous fluid circulation. Take for example when you’re exercising. You’ve sweated and lost during exercise you will have a relatively large amount of moisture. This can add up quickly in a training session of one hour to a three-fourths liter. This is the contents of a bottle which are very handy to have when you filled. After exercise, it is important that you immediately supplement the moisture but not cold water. If the water is not too cold, then it is better absorbed. How to regulate the fluid balance in your body again.

Also, the skin naturally has a protective layer over it. Here is an excellent acidity. To maintain this protective coating, proper fluid balance is necessary. Also, the bodies of water are provided, and moisture also should be enough for a smooth and radiant skin.

Sufficient drinking begins in the morning

It starts with drinking enough and starts early in the morning. You need early in the morning complete all the fluids you lost during night hours. It is best not to drink cold but lukewarm water. Put it in a slice of lemon to make it fresh and fruit also supports liver function. Moreover, it works detoxifying, i.e., the waste to leave the body.

Juices galore drinking is dangerous, they contain a lot of (natural) sugar. But they also contain lots of vitamin C and potassium, and if you mix half a glass with some sparkling water, then you have an excellent drink at breakfast.

Halfway through the morning, you should indeed have drunk half a liter of tap or bottled water. This can be taken in a vial for the move, but others find it good again after the first (strong) coffee or herbal tea.


The rest of the day

Try through the day be sure to drink those important one and a half liters of water. If you drink coffee or alcohol, take it always a glass of water. This directly offsets the alcohol or caffeine (dehumidifies you). If you before you go to sleep a little like wine, which is otherwise good to prevent dehydration during the night, do it half an hour before you get into bed. A small glass of water is sufficient. A glass of water have been great next to your bed, but chances or bigger you wake up during your sleep because you have to pee.

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.” Lao Tzu

Moisturizing creams and soaps


It is a misconception that moisturizing creams provide moisture skin. Moisturizing creams contain all kinds of active ingredients which ensure that the moisture is retained in the skin. These creams bind to the skin. You can quite muster another cream but always start with the moisturizing cream.


Apart from the moisturizing creams, there are more and more (of course) moisturizing soaps. Moisturizing is also important in the shower. It starts with a not too hot shower and especially not shower too long. Hot water can wash away the body’s protective oils. Your skin may dry out in this manner. Rather take short, lukewarm showers with natural moisturizing soap. Go for about five minutes under the shower. This is if you do not have to wash your hair, enough.


Foods with added value

There are various nutrients which also have a moisturizing effect. Some of them do even more for you. Some random examples:

  • Avocado: also very rich in vitamins, because it contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, and E.
  • Pumpkin
  • Spinach
  • Cucumber: It contains several essential nutrients (which certainly are good for the skin) such as vitamin B, and C. Incidentally sits most of the nutrients in the skin, so leave it in particular.
  • Berries
  • Honey
  • Salmon: This fish contains omega 3. The natural oil barrier in the skin – to protect against dehydration – is powered by Omega 3.
  • Watermelon: Watermelon consists of 92% water and is an ideal food that works moisturizing and easy to eat way.
  • Tomatoes: They shall include vitamin A. It stimulates the development of skin cells.


If we get no moisture, then we eventually die. The standard of around one and a half liters a day is not a luxury. Given that moisture comes to us in many ways, it is not such a problem. But a bit of policy to take care of your body, because that is the fact, can not hurt.

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