Tapas and Sushi, Stories by Young Women Around the Globe

Discover How Two Co-Workers Curate Stories by and for Young Women Around the Globe into an Inspiring Book 

Tapas and Sushi, Stories by Young Women Around the Globe

Tapas and Sushi  – yum! – and this version shares bite sized stories from young women. The book, edited by Pepukaye Bardouille and Gim Huay Neo,  brings together life experiences from women that span the globe from Washington D.C. to Africa and Singapore. Gim and Pep are two corporate dynamos hailing from Mckinsey and The World Bank respectively, and these ladies have careers to envy. Their own struggle to figure out work life balance, spirituality and relationships brought together two women who at the time barely knew each other.

They took a unique “divide and conquer” approach to developing the book: the two decided to focus their energy as editors and bring together twenty-five women in their network that had something to say. Although the process was intended to only take six months, it ended up taking a year as they managed their lives in between,  including Gim’s decision to move back to her home country of Singapore. It was all a labor of love. They decided 100 percent of the profits would go to charity.

As Pep tells it, the book has a story of its own. A lot of blood, sweat, tears and great things just happened naturally. In 2012, the original self-published book was picked up by a publishing house and after a few tweaks launched again, now available on Amazon. In this interview, Pep shares the step-by step details of the process of going from self-publishing to publisher including how they managed copyrights and revenues between the authors. If you have ever thought about writing a book, you will enjoy this story.

Looking for some heartwarming take-out on Friday night? Grab Tapas and Sushi.

If you know a friend that desires to be an author, share this story with them. They will appreciate you for it.  Listen to the full interview to learn the step-by-step of how they did it.

What is the last book you read by or about inspiring women?

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