How to become a Goal-Getter in 5 Simple Steps

I simply don’t practice making New Year’s resolutions. I used to, but after several years of looking back and seeing things that I couldn’t tick off the list, I became unsatisfied with resolution making. I had to ask myself, “What about this process was causing an epic failure?”

The first thing that occurred to me is that there was no strategy in place for follow through. It wasn’t working just to make a resolution without actually having a plan attached to it. The resolution felt superficial, as if just because a year was approaching I was suddenly concerned about the future. That perspective needed to change. I developed a full goal-setting system for seeing personal goals and business too.  I now look forward to the end of each year and it helps me to kick-off the year ahead and beyond with a bang. Keep reading for a full proof strategy on accomplishing goals.

1. I start by reviewing what has happened over the current year. Sometimes we forget how much was actually accomplished and this review really puts the year in perspective.

2. Switch from resolutions to goals. I have always used the SMART goal method which makes sure that each item is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. However, this year I skipped the realistic part to make sure that I had some goals that were feasible yet stretching me out of my comfort zone. When I wrote the goal down I had to be able to challenge it again this statement: “If it was easy, everyone would be successful.” I also include a strategy for each goal and set the first action items to get started.

3. What’s the intention behind the goal and what’s at stake if you don’t do it? Every goal should be linked to a “why” it’s important for you. Ask yourself what will be different in your life once you achieve it or, even more importantly, if you never ever pursue it.

4. State the goal in the future or present tense. I’m not sure why but there is a connection that happens between the brain and the tongue just by simply stating the goals as if they have already happened. The mind starts churning with ideas on how to make it happen.

5. Make sure the goal feels believable in your heart. Setting a goal to make 5 million in 5 weeks may not be realistic without a preexisting system that would make that possible. Do a gut check to make sure you believe that you can actually accomplish the goal. Even if it feels slightly scary.

What’s your #1 strategy for accomplishing goals? 

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