Conquering the Color Run

Brittanee Charles doesn’t consider herself a runner. But on a summer weekend in New York City, she broke past her own limitations under a shower of rainbow color.

Brittanee joined a group of her friends for The Color Run, aka “The Happiest 5k On The Planet.” The race is less about how fast you run and more about just having a blast with the whole community around you. At eack 1k mark along the route, volunteers spray runners with powdered paint until they’re totally covered in bright gradients.

“It seemed like it was something that would be extremely fun to get doused in color,” Brittanee says. “You don’t really get an opportunity to do that. It was something to do with friends and make some memories.” Brittanee joined six of her friends in New York City and they ran as a team called “Too Fast Too Fabulous.” Her teammates were 25 and 26 years old, but the Color Run is open to people of all ages, whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart.

The best part about it? You don’t have to run. But Brittanee decided to embrace a challenge from her teammates.

The Courage to Run

“I’m not a runner at all,” Brittanee says. But part of what makes the Color Run so fun – besides turning into a human rainbow – is its focus on individuality. The Color Run encourages people to walk, run or dance through the course, so Brittanee and her team made their own music by hand clapping. More and more people joined in, until the whole crowd was clapping with them.

It was such an energizing experience that Brittanee’s friends told her to start running, despite her nerves about it. She finally found her courage to take off and outran the rest of her friends for a while. Brittanee felt proud of herself for finishing the race and finding the courage to run.

Conquering the Color Run


Tips for Your Own Color Run

The Color Run is like a big party, celebrating health, happiness, and individuality. Official races are held in cities across the US year-round.

Brittanee has some tips if you feel inspired to add happy color to your world, too:

Get caked in color: Don’t be afraid to get completely covered in color. The paint they spray is actually a powder that falls right out of your hair and clothes.

Be in tune with your group: If you’re going with a team, know in advance if they’re planning to walk or run the 5k route, especially if you’re not a runner yourself.

Wear clothes you don’t care about: Dress in a pair of shorts or leggings that you don’t mind getting dirty. The whole point is to end up covered in more colors than you started out with!

Bring Your shades: The powdered pigment can hit your face, so it’s a good idea to protect your eyes with sunglasses.

Take on the challenge: Be prepared for the mental challenge that comes with a distance race. It may feel like a long journey, but the atmosphere makes it worth it.

Would she do it again? “Absolutely!” Brittanee says. “Just have fun, definitely go with a group, and make it your own experience.”

Experiment time:If you’d like to do your own Color Run, visit the website to find out when the next race is happening in your area. Then come back here and share your experience or tag us using #Happinessexperiments on Instagram.

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