10 Rules to Live By

Looking Back

Remember back in your elementary days when life was full of rules?  Dinner time  at 6 p.m., bedtime at 8 p.m. and on the weekends, you’d better be in the house when the street lights came on!  It was scripted parental poetry and arguably the most simplified period of our lives.

You didn’t have to think when it came to making decisions because everything was planned for you.  Lately, I have been dealing with an onslaught of decisions. Trust me, this isn’t easy – particularly when you’re as indecisive as I can sometimes be.

What if we could go back to those days? No, I don’t mean bedtime at 8 p.m. Imagine a predetermined set of criteria that practically eliminated most decisions you make on daily basis. What if we had our own rules to live by?

Intrigued? I decided to take a stab at it. Here is my list:

Life is Short

Don’t waste time on activities you don’t want to do or don’t enjoy. That includes even the simplest things like meetings, phone calls, or turning the page in a book that that really sucks. Not one second of my life will get wasted on things that are not pleasurable and or lack desired results.

Friends and Family Before Work

When torn between work commitments and family or friends, always choose family and friends. They’re what matters most. When you’re gone, you’re probably not going to say, “I wish I had just one more day to finish up some things at the office.”

Digitally Disconnect

Allow yourself space to digitally disconnect. The most important person to talk to in any moment is the person who’s right in front of you. If that’s not true, then change who you spend your time with.

Have a Daily Practice of Health and Well-Being

Health and well-being are a part of my daily life. I start each day with meditation and breakfast, don’t have dinner after 8 p.m. (except for planned nights out) and I spend time exercising, eating foods and consuming books and audio materials that are good for my body and connecting spiritually to myself and GOD.

Start with Intention

My day starts with intention by planning the most important objectives the day, the night before and not checking email until I complete one or more of my own important agenda items.

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Commit to Wealth Creation

There is a passionate commitment to wealth creation by making daily choices that allow for savings and investments. I have a daily practice of not doing things that would create impoverished conditions.

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Sleep Matters

I’m well rested because I consistently get the seven to eight hours of sleep that my body requires for optimal performance.

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Committed to Results

I do difficult things because being a leader and a business professional means not letting public opinion sway what my heart, gut, spirit or instincts tell me. Sometimes, I’ll have to do things I don’t feel like doing (e.g. going to the gym) to get the results that I desire (e.g. hot body).

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Attract Positive Energy

Guard your energy from positivity vampires. Like attracts like. Be the person you want to be to attract the people you want to meet, have experiences you desire and a life that you enjoy.

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Be a Life-Long Learner

There is consistent personal growth within because I am a life-long learner and make time to try new things and indulge in personal creative projects.

Take Responsibility

I couldn’t resist a bonus:

You are not a victim of circumstance. Accept responsibility for accomplishments – don’t diminish it as luck and accept responsibility when things don’t go as desired you can do better next time. You are 100 percent responsible for everything that happens in your life.

Having a few guidelines make our everyday lives guilt free and a lot easier to manage.

What is a rule that you live by?

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