Live Happy: Do One Fun Thing a Week

Welcome to Soul Purpose Company’s Happiness Experiments, an exercise in living more abundantly by having fun – intentionally!

Here’s the idea: we spend so much time running our businesses, meeting obligations and living our lives in between that sometimes we forget to enrich ourselves with special experiences. That’s what Happiness Experiments are all about.

We want you to find something fun to do, something you’ve always wanted to try, and then go do itIt could be sky diving, it could be learning to play the ukulele, it could be conquering a fitness challenge, or it could be traveling somewhere or picking up a new hobby. Maybe it’s a one-time thing or an on-going project you’re passionate about. Just make sure you get out and actually do it.

Then come back and tell us about what you did. Share your happy experience on Instagram and Twitter with the #happinessexperiment hash tag and send us an email describing your experiment, how it affected you, and why someone else should try it, too. To get started, here’s what our own Jamila Payne tried herself: 

How many appointments are on your to-do list for this week? How many of them are with yourself?

Jamila Payne – Soul Purpose Company’s own founder – lives by her calendar. Between meetings and deadlines on her to-do list, she realized she wasn’t having enough fun.

So Here’s What She Did

Jamila decided to add one more thing to her calendar: an unbreakable appointment with herself to do one fun thing a week. It had to be scheduled, because if it wasn’t, something else would come up and get in the way.

She took time every Sunday to research fun events in the Philadelphia area and put them on her calendar for the following week. Some of her favorite things she’s tried so far: a hackathon where she built a fitness app with a group of health and wellness professionals and the Girls Rock Philly band camp, where she learned to play the drums and formed a band in a single weekend.

Her Results

“I started feeling more happy, more upbeat, reinvigorated, excited about life and more fulfilled,” Jamila says. “This experience allowed me to grow and express myself personally.”

Once that growth and fulfillment started, she saw major improvements in other areas of her life, too. “The happier that I could be personally, the greater impact I could have on all other aspects of my life,” she says. “It’s changed my mood, it’s changed my personal well-being, and increased the amount of opportunities and ability to attract the right people into my life.”

Why (And How!) You Should Try it, Too

“Sometimes we forget that we’re the creators of our lives,” Jamila says. “There’s no real thing called balance. It’s more about work-life abundance and how you can create the perfect blend of activities that speak to what you need for yourself.”

Creating intentional fun adds abundance to your life so you don’t burn out from responsibilities.

Here are Jamila’s tips for starting your own once-a-week appointment with fun:

Research local event calendars. Jamila used tourist websites and visitors guides to find out what was going on every weekend. Events curated just for visitors are pretty much guaranteed to be entertaining.

Do it in advance. Jamila blocked out time every Sunday to plan her one fun thing for the following week. Creating that consistent time makes it a habit, so you won’t forget or put it off.

Put it on your calendar. This one’s important, because if it’s not on your calendar, you’re less likely to do it. Adding time for fun on your calendar makes it part of your regular routine.

Document your journey. Take pictures, shoot videos, or keep a journal of all your experiences. Make a note of what you enjoyed the most, and repeat those activities for maximum fun.

Experiment time: Start your own happiness calendar. What one fun thing a week are you going to do? Document your journey on Instagram with the#happinessexperiment hash tag.

Do you have a happiness experiment to share? Email your story to info(at)soulpurposecompany(dot)com.

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