5 Ways to Create Inspiring Workspace


Creating Your Ideal Workspace

We’ve been poking around pinterest for the latest inspiration in home office design and found some really cool ideas. Here we share a few SPC favorites. We appreciate people that take the time to share amazing pins. You can find links in this article to visit their boards to learn more.

Color Outside the Lines

It’s easy to get caught up in traditional styles and colors when planning your workspace but it’s also fun to be different. Don’t worry about the status quo put together unusual color combinations that will stimulate your mind. Use furniture, fabrics, accessories and paints to adore your space and add color outside of traditional boundaries.

Make it Functional

Benjamin Franklin once said “A place for everything, everything in its place.” What a great philosophy, even for how we work. Life is messy but we have ways of making it all function together. As you plan your workspace look for accessories that can help you put things away so you never feel cluttered. We love these colorful desktop document boxes and magazine organizer to get started.

Put In Some Personality

Let your space reflect who you are. While you may not have that big fancy office you’ve been visualizing, there is no time like the present to make your vision a reality. This space appears to be a home office but shows the company logo on the wall. Look for ways to add elements of your brand into your home office. Making your dream the present reality; what a great way to work. Go Lonny, we like your style.

Get Organized

My business mentor used to say to me “A cluttered desk represents a cluttered mind” and based on experience I would have to agree. I have learned over time that when I my desk and workspace is clean that ideas and inspiration flow abundantly. If you’re looking for a jumpstart in your creative juices try clearing out the clutter and getting organized.

Be Inspired to Work There

It might go without saying but the number one secret to having an inspired workspace is to create a place your inspired to be in. As a person with an extensive background in the fashion industry I really connect with how this space is perfect for makers, and eco-friendly fashionista’s alike. You can move from balancing the books to putting buttons on your latest design.

Before you go don’t forget to Pin your favorite workspace on the SPC board for a chance to win a copy of Remix by Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason of Aphro Chic.

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