SPC 008: What You Need to Know to Get Started with Paleo

What You Need to Know to Get Started with Paleo

Struggling with weight and body image is a common challenge, especially for women. Haley Mason was no different. Her stomach inflated when she ate bread and was later diagnosed with gluten sensitivity. She tried several diets, including vegetarian and South Beach. After beginning to date Bill Staley, they decided to follow the Paleo lifestyle. To hold each other accountable and share the journey they started a blog. Now, the two are partners in love and business with Primal Palate.

People don’t listen to their bodies. In fact, even after experiencing discomfort, gas or headaches from certain foods, they’ll opt to eat them anyway.  According to FARE, 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies. That’s what put Haley and Bill on a mission to get people healthier by making something that might seem difficult – eating healthy – really easy.

Here’s how it works: Paleo is founded on eating foods from the early days of hunting and gathering – meat, fish, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. The diet avoids processed foods and things that have become harder to digest like grains and dairy. Haley and Bill make learning Paleo eating accessible through their web app, My Kitchen. Using the app, you can access recipes through your smart phone and pick up the list of ingredients while at the grocery store.

After just six months of blogging, they were contacted by an editor to create a cook book. Since then, they have published Make it Paleo, Gather and the 30 Day Guide to Paleo. When I asked the couple how they managed the balance between love and business, Haley said, “It’s not always easy, but we’ve come to realize in all aspects of our life we’re just better as a team.”

Here are some tips from Haley and Bill on getting started with Paleo:

Clean the Cabinets: The first step is getting rid of processed foods at home. That’s almost anything that is prepackaged – TV dinners, junk food snacks and chemically canned goods.

Explore the Grocery Store: Most fresh, healthy, natural foods are on the outer parameter of the grocery store and the processed foods are on the aisles. Opt for free range chicken, grass fed beef, and buy organic and locally seasonal fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

Don’t Do it Alone: Having a few resources at your fingertips will make the shift easy. Put together a group of friends and try Paleo together for just 30 days use their book as a guide.

Haley and Bill have built a six-figure business from their passion. They have a licensing deal with Cappello’s to produce grain free cookies and even the video is yummy. When I asked the couple about their life’s purpose Haley responded, “I’m not sure what I thought my life’s purpose was before but I’m living it now.”

To hear the full interview on how Haley and Bill used a freemium model to start and scale their business, listen to the audio interview below or on iTunes.

What has helped you to eat more healthy?

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