Donate your blood and become blood donors

Would you like to become a blood donor? What does it mean exactly to be a blood donor? Blood is always needed, there are always people who have the blood of others to survive. Always wanted to help other people? Then blood donor is there a good way. How would it feel if other people can continue with their lives because you are willing to donate blood? Each blood type is needed. Not only for directly saving people, but also indirectly by helping to develop new drugs.


What does it mean to be a blood donor?

If you are a blood donor, then this means that you are willing to deliver blood to a blood bank. The blood bank then uses your blood to save other people. If you are a blood donor, you have a calling card, and you will be contacted by the blood bank when they need your blood. You can come along within a certain time if you make an appointment to deliver your blood. Your blood can also be used for the development of new drugs. The blood donation is completely voluntary, you get nothing for it, but you, of course, does help other people with it.

How much blood do I give each time?
With a donation of blood are being taken first three tubes of blood to test your blood at certain illness or viruses. If it is good, you can donate your blood. You give a time half a liter of blood. That is a fixed standard, and there can not be departed from.

How long does a blood donation at a time?
How long does a blood donation is not quite to say because it depends on how busy it is at the blood bank. The blood donation itself takes about 15 minutes, but with the completion of the questionnaire, the testing and the time you need to rest then takes about 50 minutes.

How do I know what blood type I have?

If you want to know what your blood type is you can go to the doctor or go to the hospital. There you give a little blood now, and then they determine your blood type. Also, you determine your home blood using a test such as the Easy Home blood test. The Easy Home blood test you can simply buy online.

What do you all blood types?
Blood groups are divided by the ABO system. At the ABO system, there are four different blood groups namely A, B, AB and O. The letters stand for the type of protein you have in your blood. Someone with blood type A has protein type A are in his blood. The ABO system is often combined with the rhesus factor. When one looks or rhesus factor rhesus protein, you have in your blood. If this factor is present in your blood then a + behind your blood type. So if you type protein in your blood and there is Rhesus protein present you have blood group A +. Is not there a rhesus protein present in your blood and you have type A protein then you get a minus in so then your blood type A-.

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What is blood type most common?
In the Netherlands, the blood groups O +, and A + is the most common. Below is described an outline of the number percentages by blood.

  • D: 47% of which 39.5% 7.5% O + and O-
  • A: 42% 35% 7% A + and A-
  • B: 8%, of which 6.7% 1.3% B + and B-
  • AB: 3%, of which 2.5% and 0.5% AB + AB

How can I become a blood donor?

Any healthy person between 18 and 65 and is a blood donor weighing over 50 kilos. Blood can give to your 70th. If you can be a blood donor, you can sign up online. You get a letter sent home with some information and phone number of the blood bank. If you have received the letter, you call the blood bank to make an appointment for an interview. Before you can give blood, you must first talk with a doctor from the blood bank. Your blood will be tested, and you fill in a questionnaire, after you and call you and discuss the questions that you have entered. At the end determines the physician whether you may be a blood donor. You will receive a notification card and your calls when they need you.


What are the requirements to become a blood donor
Not everyone can be a blood donor. There are a few situations where you should not be a donor. For example, you can not be a blood donor if it is harmful to yourself or the person to whom you give your blood. Below are a few conditions that you must not become a blood donor.

  • If you have ever injected drugs
  • If after January 1, 1980, have personally received a blood transfusion
  • If you’re between January 1, 1980, and December 31, 1996, have been a total of six months or more in the UK (this has to do with the disease Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease which occurred there when a lot)
  • If you’ve had a serious illness or are suffering from cardiovascular disease. There are exceptions, so consultations with the donor physician.

Source: Sanquin, 2016

Before you give blood will also fill a medical questionnaire and, if they determine your suitability as a donor.

Various locations blood banks

There are many different types of blood banks in the Netherlands. Sanguin has many different blood banks in different locations. You can always go to a location where you are at that moment, you live in the weekend home or visit your nearby location there. Denotes the week on rooms then you go around there to a blood bank. If you are sued, you can see which blood bank closest to you is in the neighborhood. Some blood banks, you need to make an appointment to come.

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