An amazing combination for meditation to get healthy life

Human activity is divided into two parts: the brain activity and muscle activity. But the activity of muscle is controlled due to brain. Whether manual labor or mind, you spend a lot of energy in the body, makes you tired and stressed. If this situation lasts long, it will cause sick, illness and inefficient work.

Providing energy to the body through food and drink is not enough to require the harmonious combination between “eating” and “stay”. In terms of the development of industrial civilization with highly competitive, people are faced with a variety of pressures, the stress suffered reduces resistance and can lead to many diseases are worrisome the throne. From this fact, many people come to meditate.

Meditation Essential Oils

1. The effects of meditation

  • Meditation helps mental relaxation, concentration, or more lucid mind, sanity.
  • Meditation also helps renovate streak become calm, be patient, impatiently hurried off.
  • Meditation will reap the spiritual results, we will meet ourselves, understand the deepest of ours. Living our lives, naturally, but in a different way, a different meaning. The purpose of meditation is not to understand the world but to understand ourselves, to know who we really are, is something, do what is in the present moment.
  • Meditation helps the mind relax, enjoy the quiet period rare to renewable energy sources. When we know how to reach a state of mental stability, we can easily overpower stress, overcome the crisis. Mental stability as well as strengthening the immune system, to share the pain to the body not alone copes with the physical pain.
  • Meditation will enhance the ability to work and creativity. During meditation humans fall into the super unconsciously state to direct interpret and release energy. Thus, meditation also means cleaning the body, is a state of life.

But after a while, many people are still unable to practice meditation and pity to quit or move on to practicing other methods. They often lament though they tried hard but could not concentrate while meditating. During meditation, they do not feel relaxed while contrary insecurity, fear, or after meditation they feel pain, numbness, fatigue leg.

2. The effect of essential oil for meditation

Like meditation, natural oils brings the body comfortable, relax the mind, reduce pain, numbness, fatigue … Combining essential oils and meditation helps improve efficiently while reducing these difficulties in the workout, the body will be quickly relaxed, more focused on meditation, muscles are relaxed so that they also do not feel pain, fatigue. Practicing in a space that is scented aromatic oil cooler also makes people feel more interesting, not feeling boring, frustrating of giving up suddenly.

To bring into play the best effects of essential oil for mediation, you can use additionally some specific machines such as aromatherapy essential oil diffuser which will break the oil into thousands particles to absorb quickly to your body.

3. Some tips in combinations to improve the efficiency of the power of meditation with natural oils:

  • Diffusion oil during meditation: Add 6-10 drops of essential oil into the diffuser, the pure mild fragrance will quickly spread throughout the room. Essential oils can be used: sweet orange, peppermint, sandalwood…
  • Air purification, meditation carpet cleaning: Combine 12 drops of essential oil to 120ml of water, the mixture in a spray bottle mix, and then spray atomization in the room, especially the carpet meditation creates clean, scented air helping inspire more workouts. Should use these essential oils with antiseptic and deodorant function, air purification, such as Lavender, ylang ylang, rose, lemon, lemongrass, cinnamon…
  • Use massage oil after meditation: Helps the body stretching or recovery, reduce unwanted effects after meditating as pain, muscle fatigue, not only that massage with essential oils can also help your skin smooth, bright. Essential oil massage: Massage the lavender, ylang ylang facial massage, roses facial massage.

Currently on the market, aromatherapy oils are in the condition of confusion. Essential oils are derived entirely from natural and market only about 150 essential oils. Meanwhile flavoring is just a synthetic product, and up to 500 kinds of aromatic flavor. To avoid purchasing counterfeit goods, you should purchase from genuine or familiar brand always at the forefront of product quality and service quality.

4. Some essential oils or for meditation

Agarwood Oil:

It has pure comfort fragrance, creating great space for peaceful meditation to focus. Besides, this essential oil is a health remedy helping to increase energy and treating incurable diseases.

Sandalwood essential oil:

Sandalwood oil

It is often used to burn to release the fragrance and help during meditation retreats. Swahra yoga encourages their users to link senses and Tantric yoga says that it may awaken the sexual energy (in fact, sandalwood essential oil is considered as one of the “love potions”)

Lavender essential oil:

Lavender Essential Oils

Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils are known for soothing fragrance, popular for hundreds of years. It is feature-rich oil in reducing stress, mental relaxation.

Rose essential oil:

Rose Essential Oil

Immediately the whole room filled with the sweet charm of roses just by a simple operation. Rose essential oil is well absorbed through the skin will make you feel more calm and relaxed, it will condition breathing, tense psychological state by reducing anxiety, disturb soot. This is one of the essential oils are recommended to use during meditation.

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