4 Secret Powers of Meditation

4 Secret Powers of Meditation

You have an incredible amount of power over your life and how you feel.

Imagine being able to feel like the best possible version of yourself, radiating inner happiness and exuding a sense of relaxed confidence. Imagine this feeling shining through before making a business call or meeting new clients.

But who really feels that zen all the time?

That’s the power of meditation, and that’s exactly what it can do for you. Meditation helps you unplug, recharge and refocus. It’s a stillness that you can tap into any time it feels like you’re losing control over everything happening around you. And making that stillness a habit can make some pretty big impacts on your life and business.

Benefit #1: Achieving More Through Stillness

It sounds counter-intuitive, but you can achieve more in less time just by slowing down your mind. Meditation allows us to turn off the mental clutter, undo any negative patterns of self-doubt in our minds and vastly enhances our sense of focus, mental clarity and creativity.

Benefit #2: Creative Problem Solving

Getting stuck in to-do lists and workflows can disconnect you from your breath and natural flow of life, leaving you blocked and uninspired. This sense of being stuck creates some major mental roadblocks like fear and self-doubt. Suddenly you’re thinking, “I can’t do this,” or “I’m not good enough to do this.”

Stop telling yourself those stories. Come back to your breath and turn off your mind for a moment. A regular meditation practice grounds and guides you, connecting yourself with that clear vision that launched your business in the first place. Some of the best ideas I have ever created in my own business have come to me in the middle of meditation.

Benefit #3: Beating Burnout

Research shows that regular meditation increases cognitive function – that means your memory works better, you can multi-task more efficiently and uncover creative solutions to business challenges.

Meditation has also been clinically proven to lower stress levels. Put all this together, and it means a more productive you with less risk of burning out while growing your business.

Benefit #4: A Healthier, Happier You

Lots of people think of meditation as a way to relax. But neuroscience has confirmed that the benefits go far beyond relaxation. The psychological impact of a chilled-out meditation session can actually create new neural pathways, changing and improving the biochemistry of your brain.

That means less anxiety, stress and depression and an overall happier you. Meditation has also been linked to physical health, relieving symptoms of diabetes and even cancer.

Bonus: It Only Takes a Few Minutes

Most people picture meditation as sitting on a pillow in total silence for hours. In reality, it only takes a few minutes to soak up all the benefits and you can practice anywhere – at your desk, while traveling, even in the middle of a meeting.

My favorite meditation practices are Kundalini yoga mini-meditations. They’re simple and only three minutes long, but the benefits stack up in a big way.

If you think it’s too hard to clear your mind, think again: the more often you meditate and put all your attention on your breathing, the easier it gets to quiet your inner clutter.

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